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POS Transformer pic.


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Transformer POS
Transformers single phase, dry series of POS (travel) are intended for use on the railways as a device to supply current, modernized and newly developed control circuits, communication and alarm systems, as well as for use in other areas as devices for electrical networks with the same parameters.
Product Specifications transformers PIC:
Transformers Series POS: POS-1 50, POS-1 25R, POS-1 25, POS-2 25R, POS-2 25, POS-3 25R, POS-2 50 3 50 POS, POS-4 50.
Transformer fire-proof performance of the POS: POS-1 25RP, POS-1 25P, POS-2 25RP, POS-2 25P, 50P POS 2, POS 3 50P, 50P POS-4.
Transformers are designed to operate in an atmosphere of any type in any position, under the impact of shocks with acceleration up to 6g and vibratory loads in the range of frequencies up to 100Hz with a maximum acceleration of 2g.
Under the terms of placing transformers built.
POS transformer magnetic core is made ​​on the Wit of cold-rolled electrical steel.
The coils of the transformer - frame construction, a copper wire wound with heat-insulated, guarded.