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The device is produced in 2018.

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   Revolution counter PO1830.1

    Also, this device can be called: PO18301, PO1830-1 PO1830 1, PO-1830.1.

    PO1830.1 revolution counter - a device designed to determine the total number of revolutions of shafts of marine engines and issue frequency signal proportional to the frequency of rotation of the shafts. Usually used in conjunction with devices K1830.1 tachometers.
    The total number of revolutions of the shaft is determined by the number of periods of electrical frequency signals of primary converters electronic tachometers.
    The composition includes a counter PO1830.1 FA1881.1 separation device and a display device FSCH1882.1. The apparatus is intended for separating the frequency transform signals from the sensors into control signals counting mechanism arranged in the display device.
    The device adds the number of revolutions regardless of the direction of rotation of the shaft can be used with a single sensor and two having a frequency signals phase shifted by 90 °.
    Body rev counter splash-proof, the device shakeproof.

    Specifications instruments tachometers PO1830.1

    Number of rotor teeth - 6-300.
    The number of bits of the counter - 6 or 7.
    Maximum speed - 500-4000 rev / min (depending on the number of rotor teeth and range tachometer).
    View performance counter PO1830.1-reversible.

    Power consumed by the counter from the power supply - 25V · A.
    Voltage - 220V, frequency 50 Hz ± 3 and 400 ± 20Hz.
    Coefficient of voltage waveform distortion - no more than 10%.
    Insulation resistance of electrical circuits - at least 20MOm.

    Dimensions - 120x40x131 mm.
    Weight - no more than 0.6 kg.
    Average life - 10 years.
    Basic error counters do not exceed the values ​​given in Table 1, according to testimony, depending on the meter constant.

    Table 1. Basic error and permanent counters PO1830.1.
Chapel permissible basic error, speed
Meter constant, K
Control number of counts (number of revolutions of the shaft)
20 revolutions
200 rpm
2000 rpm
    Maximum permissible additional error counters depending on the effect of:
    - Changes in ambient temperature from normal to any temperature ranging from minus 10 ° C to plus 50 ° C for every 10 ° C change in temperature is equal to half of the maximum permissible basic error;
    - Simultaneous effect of temperature 50 ° C and humidity of 100% is equal to half of the maximum permissible basic error.

    Short and re-short-term fluctuations and bias voltage and frequency do not exceed the values ​​given in Table. 2.

    Table 2. Values ​​of short-term and re-and short-term fluctuations in the voltage and frequency counters PO1830.1.
Character of the deviation
however, sec.
5 sec
5 sec
    Operating conditions of devices PO1830.1

    Temperature from -10 ° C to +55 ° C.
    100% relative humidity at a temperature of +50 ° C.
    Hull separation device and display using must be grounded for this ground wires connected to the stud on the ground with the symbol.