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PLP2 PLP2 precision potentiometer.


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Precision Potentiometer PLP2 (PLP-2, PLP 2)
PLP2 precision potentiometer designed for use in DC and AC frequency up to 400Hz.
Technical data for precision potentiometers PLP2:
Performance - no single lock, double without stop;
Functional dependency - linear;
The nominal value of the resistance - 1 kW, 1.5 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW, 5 kW, 7.5 kW, 10 kW, 15 kW, 20 kW, 30 kW, 40 kW;
Tolerance of functional dependence precision potentiometer products PLP2:
- Single and lower in block:
- Class 1 accuracy - ± 0,15%, ± 0,1%;
- Class 2 accuracy - ± 0,2%, ± 0,2%;
- Second and subsequent to the block:
- Class 1 accuracy - ± 0,22%, ± 0,2%;
- Class 2 accuracy - ± 0,3%, ± 0,3%;
Power dissipation - 5W;
Product dimensions PLP2 precision potentiometer:
- Thickness - 27.5 mm, 63 mm;
- Diameter - 71.5 mm, 74mm;
Block potentiometers PLP (twin) are made up of any combination of single past the nominal resistance and the wiring diagram, but the same power dissipation;
Products potentiometer PLP (PLP11, PLP12, PLP21, PLP22) can be made ​​with one additional challenge;
The angle between the first and additional taps - 165 ° ± 30 º;
Potentiometer PLP made ​​no stops, limiting the operating angle 330 º;
Devices manufactured in climatic design UHL;
Admissible power dissipation product precision potentiometer PLP2 the entire range of operating temperatures - from -60 º C to +125 ° C;
Allowable power dissipation for the entire interval potentiometers operating pressures - from 0.67 kPa to 294.2 kPa ( to 2207mm. Hg);
Minimum time precision potentiometer products PLP2 - 3000 hours;
Change in impedance - no more than 2%;
Change, a deviation from the functional characteristics of the product precision potentiometer PLP2 - no more than 50%;
Minimum storage life - 12 years;
Change in impedance - no more than 1%;
Change, a deviation from the functional characteristics of the product precision potentiometer PLP2 - no more than 50%;
The force applied along the axis of the product - not more than 9.8 N (1kgs);
Resonant frequency precision potentiometer products PLP2 - exceed 1000Hz;
Devyanostopyatiprotsentny resource potentiometers PLP - 6000 hours;
Allowed to use the product in the equipment, the exposed relative humidity up to 98% at +40 º C;
Allowed to use products potentiometer PLP2 in alternating current frequency to 1000 Hz;
The ratio of the quadrature voltage to the application should not exceed 0.8%;
The manufacturer guarantees that the product quality precision potentiometer PLP2 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.