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Measuring interference P4-12A (P-4-12A, P 4-12A)
    P4-12A meter - a device designed to measure and find interference and measuring the high-frequency voltage at the output terminals of the source of interference and intensity of high-frequency fields, for which the instrument given a whip antenna with 1m (AA = 0.5 m).
    - From 10 mV to 30 000mkV in the frequency range from 0.15 MHz to 12.5 MHz;
    - From 30 to 100 mV 000mkV frequency range from 12.5 MHz to 30MHz.
    The bandwidth of 9 kHz.
    Power supply 12V battery.
    Meter P4-12A is a high Microvoltmeter measuring the voltage in a narrow band of frequencies. Like any sensitive voltmeter, P4-12A has:
    - Voltage divider;
    - Amp;
    - Detector with dial gauge.
    For high gain in a narrow and unchanged by the restructuring of the frequency band used superheterodyne circuit gain, ie gain with frequency conversion. Thus, measuring P4-12A radios are calibrated with the gain and bandwidth.
    Meters P4-12A is connected alternately to each resistor R and measure these stresses. Voltage noise is considered the largest in size of all the measured voltage.
    Specifications meters P4-12A
    - Instrument error is not more than 9%;
    - Sensitivity - 250 mV / m
    The entire range of frequencies from 0.15 to 30 MHz is covered by six sub-bands, which are used to switch the rotary switch ("Meas."). Restructuring within each band is made ​​variable capacitor ("Setup").

Photos: P4-12A

P4-12A device image.
P4-12A device image.
P4-12A device image in a case.
P4-12A device image in a case.
P4-12A front view.
P4-12A front view.
P4-12A side view.
P4-12A side view.
P4-12A overhead view (scale).
P4-12A overhead view (scale).
P4-12A overhead view.
P4-12A overhead view.

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