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     Converter P39 (P-39; M 39; p39; p-39; p 39)
     Converter P39 - analog device for converting DC to AC.
     Technical features of P39:
     - Input voltage - 12V;
     - Output Voltage - 220V;
     - Frequency - 50Hz.
     Converter P39 consist of the following units: sine wave generator at 50 Hz and a power amplifier. P39 consists of three structurally distinct parts: the registrar, type P361 power supply, transmitter (encoder) pulses.

     Technical characteristics
     Power supply of the auxiliary circuits of converters is AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%. Technical, resource sets of transmitters operating conditions of 25 000 hours in continuous operation cycles to 5000 hrs

     Operating conditions P39
     P39 converters used at an ambient temperature of 0 to 50 ° C and relative humidity of 95% (at 30 ° C). P39 converter designed to power only one engine DSM - 220V, 50Hz.

Photos P39

P39 device image.
P39 device image.
P39 front view.
P39 front view.
P39 side view.
P39 side view.
P39 overhead view.
P39 overhead view.