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Electro stopwatch P30

Also, this may be called a stopwatch: P-30, P 30.

P30 electro stopwatch intended for measuring short time intervals.

Dimensions - 165×165×125 mm.

Limits of measurement - from 0,3 s to 10 minutes.

Basic error - ±0,1 s.

Stopwatch P-30 is composed of the synchronous motor, the wheel system, and also incorporating electromagnets and return arrow to zero.

P30 specifications:

Food synchronous motor:

- Voltage - 220 V±10%;

- Frequency - 50 Hz.

Power to the solenoid on and return arrows to zero - 27±3 V.

Maximum power consumption:

- AC - 4 W;

- DC - 216 W.

Stopwatch measurement limit:

- On the second scale - 30 s;

- On the minute scale - 10 min.

Setting error arrows to zero - no more than 0,5 cases prices.

The interval between the adjacent two triggerings - not less than 1,5 min.

Total number of positives - 10000.

Required insulation resistance of the current-carrying purposes relative to the body:

- Ambient temperature from -20° C to +50° C and relative humidity of 65±15% - 10 MW;

- At an ambient temperature of +30° C and relative humidity up to 90% - 5 MOhm.

Terms of vibration strength:

- Frequency - 50 Hz;

- Acceleration - not more than 50 m/s2.

Parameters of the external magnetic field, which do not affect the accuracy stopwatch:

- Frequency - 50 Hz;

- Tension - 400 av/m

Weight stopwatch P30 - no more than 2,8 kg.

Operating conditions P-30:

The ambient air temperature - from -20° C to +50° C.

Working relative humidity - 65±15%.

Relative humidity at +30° C - 90%.

The mounting position of the shield - vertical; inclined to 45°.

Stopwatches P-30 certified and listed in the state register of measuring instruments. The devices comply with requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: P30

P30 device image.
P30 device image.
P30 front view (scale).
P30 front view (scale).
P30 side view (casing depth).
P30 side view (casing depth).
P30 rear view (connection).
P30 rear view (connection).