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OSS Single-phase dry transformer OSS.


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Single-phase dry transformer OSS
OSS-transformers (single, dry, to ship devices) power 0.04 kW ∙ A-0, ∙ A 25kV voltage primary winding 220, 380V or 690V, the secondary winding of 24V to 220V, designed to power the control circuits and signaling electrical devices of sea and inland water transport.
Product Specifications-phase dry-type transformers OSS:
Transformers according to Regulation Register of Shipping and International Conventions.
Type of climatic performance single-phase dry transformer product OM5 OSS, in which:
- Ambient temperature - from -40 ° C to +60 ° C;
- Relative humidity - up to 98% at +40 ° C;
- Atmospheric pressure - (80kPa 152kPa-).
Transformers are stable:
- A hard impact with the acceleration of 5g at a repetition frequency of 40 beats per minute to 80;
- Vibratory loads in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 12.2 Hz with an amplitude of 1 mm and with an acceleration of 0,7 g in the range of frequencies from 13.2 Hz to 80 Hz.
Single-phase dry transformer product OSS Operational in periodic pitching to 45 ° with a period of roll-3s 14s, with a constant slope of 15 ° in any direction, as well as occasional tilting to 45 ° for up to 6 hours.
Performance under the terms of the transformers on-site installation - Built-in splash-proof, waterproof unit.
Insulation class product single-phase dry transformer OSS - V.
Conductive parts of transformers contact clamps are covered with removable lids that have holes for the input of external leads.
By way of protection against electric shock, product-phase dry transformer OSS belong to the class I and degree of protection IP10.