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OSR Single-phase dry isolation transformer SRF.


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Single-phase isolating transformer OSR dry
Product Specifications-phase isolation transformers, dry OSR:
Single-phase isolation transformers, dry series ofOSR: OSR-0,16UZ, OSR-0,25UZ, OSR-0,4UZ, OSR-0,63UZ, OSR-1,0UZ.
Transformers dividing series SRF (single, dry, separation) capacity 0.16 kW ∙ A-1 ∙ A 0kV designed to separate the network supplying the power consumers of the primary electrical network.
Single-phase dry isolation transformer is made ​​on the OSR Wit split cores of cold-rolled electrical steel.
Transformer coil frame construction, a copper wire wound with heat-resistant insulation.
Single-phase isolating transformer OSR dry saturated moisture-resistant insulating varnish.
Terminals have a degree of protection IP 20.