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OSL-0,25 Single-phase dry transformer OSL-0, 25.


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Single-phase dry transformer OSL-0,25 (OSL0,25, OSL 0.25)
Single-phase dry transformer OSL-0,25 is designed to power devices lift control series of UCL.
Product Specifications-phase dry-type transformers OSL-0,25:
Transformers meet the requirements of GOST.
Types of Protection - UHL4 and 04.
Single-phase dry transformer OSL-0,25 resistant to sinusoidal vibration at frequencies from 0.5 Hz to 35Hz with a maximum amplitude of acceleration of 0,5 g, as well as multiple shock acceleration of 3g with the duration of shock 2ms-20ms and designed to be installed at a height above sea level not exceeding 1000m.
Performance of transformers in terms of on-site installation work - embedded, allow installation in any position in space.
Insulation class product single-phase dry transformer OSL-0,25 - V.
Transformer in continuous mode, in winding software works with a load of intermittent running with PV-40%.
By way of protection against electric shock transformers belong to the class I and degree of protection IP00.
Terminals of the primary product single-phase dry transformer OSL-0,25 removable lid closed, providing their degree of protection IP20.