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OP-4-4-1 Lamp OP-4-4-1.


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Lamp OP-4-4-1 (OP441, OP 4 4 1, OP4-4-1, OP44-1, OP-441)
Lamp OP-4-4-1 used in a variety of optical instruments and devices.
Lamps are operated with independent power sources, as well as in electrical networks and alternating current frequency of 50 Hz.
Product Specifications Lamp OP-4-4-1.
Glass color - matte;
Type of lamp base product OP-4-4-1 - specific;
Bulb diameter - 18mm;
Length - 34 mm;
Voltage lamp products OP-4-4-1 - 4B;
Power - 4W;
Luminous flux - 40lm;
Mean time between product Lamp OP-4-4-1 - 100 hours;
Protection - UHL4;
Product Weight OP-4-4-1 light - no more than 5g.