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OKTAVA-110A (ОКТАВА-110А) OCTAVE-110A Sound Level Meter.


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The sound level meter OKTAVA-110A, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A (OKTAVA110A, OKTAVA 110A)
The sound level meter OCTAVA-110A, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A is designed for measurement of sound, affecting the rights to manufacture, transport, residential and public buildings, etc.The instrument can also be used to measure the noise characteristics of machines, measurement of sound insulation, sound power determination, certification of premises. An optional device may be equipped options "Infrasound", "Total Vibration", "The local vibration," "ultrasound."
Product Specifications-110A sound level meters OKTAVA, spectrum analyzers OKTAVA-110A:
Octave-110A sound level meters is a class according to GOST 17 187, IEC 61672-1 and IEC 60651/60804. Built-octave and 1/3-octave filters satisfy the device class 1 in accordance with GOST 17 168 and IEC 61 260.
Special features sound-level meter OKTAVA-110A, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A:
The principle of simultaneous measurement of all parameters are measured and stored in memory at once;
Large range (22dBA-139dBA) can be measured as a weak noise and strong - from utilities to manufacturing;
Graphic display: provides several options for reporting measured data - from table to graph, low-power backlight and contrast adjustment allow you to use the device in low and, conversely, excessive lighting;
Successful Ergonomics in the field can be one and the same hand to hold the device and manage them - the second hand is free!;
Metal housing with a sound level meter OKTAVA-110A, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A prevents the device from mechanical influences and ensures a long service life of the electronics
The modular principle: you can order only with you with the right modes of measurement ("Sound", "Infrasound", "Ultrasound", "Total Vibration", "Local vibration"), and then retrofit it with new options;
Multilingual: implemented menu language selection device;
Sharing files with a computer: simply connect the device to the USB port of your computer's standard USB-cable. The computer detects the new device memory as if it was connected to a regular disk.
Telemetry: the sound meter in the instrument OKTAVA-110A, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A has an additional port for digital data or digitized signals to a computer in real time.Additional software (110_RTA, 110_DM, SIGNAL +) makes a bunch of instrument-computer into a powerful measurement system.
OCTAVA-110A can also be used to measure the electric and magnetic field when an antenna connected to it P6-70 or P6-71.
Measurement range of the instrument sound level meters OKTAVA-110A, spectrum analyzers OKTAVA-110A (with the standard sensor):
Sound: 22dBA-139dBA, 22dBS-139dBS, 25dBZ-139dBZ,
Vibration: 0.001 m / s 2-1000m / s 2
NEP (50Hz): 50kV / m
NMP (50 Hz): 5000A / m
Frequency correction:
A, C, Z - «Sound»
Z, G, FI, A - «Infrasound"
Wd, Wk Wb, Wc, We, Wj, Wm, Fk (Lin 0.4 Hz-100 Hz), Fm (Lin 0.8 Hz-100Hz) - General vibration
Wh, Fh (6.3 Hz-Lin 1286Gts) - A local vibration
Temporal characteristics of sound-level meter instrument OKTAVA-110A, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A:
S, F, I, Peak (GOST 17187-81), Leq (IEC 61 672), CPS-30s (exponential averaging constant averaging 30c)
"Overall Vibration" and "Local vibration": CPS 1s, 5s, 10s (linear averaging) Lekv, Peak
Mode "Sound": 31.5 Hz octave filters, 16000Gts,
1 / 3 octave filters 25Hz-20000Hz
Mode "infrasound": 2Hz-octave filters 16Gts,
1 / 3 octave filters 1.6 Hz-20 Hz
"The overall vibration": 1.0 Hz octave filters, 125Gts
1/3-octave filter: 0.8 Hz-160Hz
"The local vibration": okt.filtry 8Gts-1000Hz
1/3-octave filter: 6.3 Hz-1250Gts.
Mode "Ultrasound": one-third octave filters 5Hz-40kHz
Profiles «E-meter» and «H-meter»: 16.67 Hz band-pass filters (Δf = 2,5 Hz), 25 Hz (Δf = 5Hz), 50Hz, 75Hz, 100Hz, 725Gts (Δf = 10 Hz)
a) USB,
b) digital output telemetry (115.2 kbit / s> 1Mbit / s)
Memory device 110A Sound Level Meter OKTAVA, the spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A:
volatile,> 16Mbayt.
Power supply
battery (4hLR6), at least 8 hours of continuous operation;
from 220V through the power supply (optional). The standard package includes two sets of batteries and external battery charger.
Overall dimensions-110A Sound Level Meter OKTAVA, spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A (length x width x height), no more than:
without preamplifier: 234h86h36mm
with preamplifier: 354h86h36mm