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The sound level meter OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3 spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3 (OKTAVA110AMAKSIMA3, OKTAVA 110A MAXIMA 3, OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3)
The sound level meter OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3 spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3 is designed for measurement of sound, affecting the rights to manufacture, transport, residential and public buildings, etc.
The instrument can also be used to measure the noise characteristics of machines, measurement of sound insulation, sound power determination, certification of premises.
Product Specifications sound level meters OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3, spectrum analyzers OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3:
Precision sound level meter, spectrum analyzer sound, vibration, infrasound and ultrasound, complete with microphone, CMC-205 (or equivalent), an ultrasonic microphone GRAS 40BF (or equivalent.) C adapter preamplifier vibration sensor 3-axis, switch channels AG03R, charger , 2 sets of batteries, carrying case, a certificate of verification.
Modes of measurement instrument sound meter OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3 spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-MAXIMA-3: "The Sound", "Infrasound", "Ultrasound", "Total Vibration", "Local vibration", "Monitoring of -110" E-meter (without antenna P6-71), H-meter (without antenna P6-70).