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The sound level meter OKTAVA-110A-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC (OKTAVA110ABASIC, OKTAVA 110A BASIC, OKTAVA-110A-BASIC)
The sound level meter OCTAVA-110A-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC is designed for easy measurement to health control and certification of employment, residential and public buildings for vibration and acoustic factors.
Product Specifications-110A sound level meters OKTAVA-BASIC, spectrum analyzers OKTAVA-110A-BASIC:
Simultaneous work on the mode of sound level meter and spectrum analyzer.
You can at a time to measure all of the many performance requirements and standards, sanitary norms.
Measurement range of the instrument sound meter OKTAVA-110A-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC - 15dBA-146dBA.
Provides a measure of both production and utility noise.
Digital Signal Processing.
Simultaneous measurement of SPL spectra in octave and third octave frequency bands, adjust sound levels, including the equivalent, large dynamic range, etc.
Graphic display device 110A Sound Level Meter-OKTAVA-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC.
The data presented in tabular and graphical form.
Membrane keyboard.
Long service, protection against dust and moisture.
The choice of instrument sound level meter, I zyka OKTAVA-110A-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC. When you turn on the device, the user can choose the most convenient for him language (Russian / English / ...).
The inscriptions on the keys are made in Russian and in English.
Built-in memory. All current measurements can be written in memory of the device at the touch of a button.
Communication device 110A Sound Level Meter-OKTAVA-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC with the computer.Simply connect the device to the USB port of your computer's standard USB-cable. The computer detects the new device memory as if it was connected to a regular disk.
Small size and light weight device with accessories fit into a small shoulder bag.
Base set-110A Sound Level Meter OKTAVA-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC includes measuring and indicator unit, microphone preamplifier KMM400, microphone capsule CMC-205, two sets of batteries, external battery charger, pouch, instruction manual.
Free-field microphone CMC-205 has a diameter of ½-inch nominal sensitivity 45mV/Pa.
Its dynamic range (15dBA-146dBA) can cover a weak community, and strong production and transportation noise.
Frequency range of the instrument sound meter OKTAVA-110A-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC (2GtsGts-20kHz) and provides a measurement of sound and infrasound.
Polarization voltage microphone - 200V.
For measurements in the reverberation chamber can be instead of CMC-205 is order a diffuse field microphone or pressure (for example, 40AP, 40AG, 40AD firm GRAS).
With the sound level meter instrument OKTAVA-110A-BASIC, a spectrum analyzer OKTAVA-110A-BASIC, you can use microphones with voltage 200V and 0V polarization (electret).