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    Oxygen sensor Oksik 9A (OKSIK9A; Oksik 9A; oksik-9a; oksik9a; oksik 9a)

    Oxygen sensor Oksik 9A - a device for determining the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases.
    Sensors Oksik 9A is used to ensure efficient (cost-effective and environmentally) of the internal combustion engine. Installed in the exhaust system, this device is responsible for permanence air fuel ratio in the fuel-air mixture.
    Structural features Oksik 9A

    Structurally it is a two-point sensor. 9A Oksik sensor installed in the exhaust system as a neutralizer before and after it. The sensor captures the excess air ratio in the fuel-air mixture (λ) value for the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gases.
    Sensors Oksik 9A are ceramic elements that are coated on both sides of the zirconia. The measurement is carried out electrochemically. One side of the electrode in contact with the exhaust gases, the other - with the atmosphere.

    Sensor Oksik 9A consists of the following elements:
    - A metal casing with a thread;
    - O-ring;
    - Collector of the electric signal;
    - Ceramic insulator;
    - Wiring;
    - Cuff sealing wires;
    - Conductive contact heating circuit;
    - Outer shield with a hole for the air;
    - Heating;
    - The tip of ceramics;
    - The shield with a hole for the exhaust gases.
    The principle of operation Oksik 9A:

    The principle of the sensor Oksik 9A is based on the measurement of the oxygen content in the exhaust gases and the atmosphere. When varying the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gases and the atmosphere is created at the ends of the electrode voltage. The higher oxygen content (lean air-fuel mixture), the lower the voltage, the lower the oxygen content (rich fuel-air mixture), the higher the voltage.
    Oksik 9A sensor generates an electrical signal to the electronic control unit for engine management. Depending on the magnitude of the control signal, the effect on the executive agencies under its control systems of the car.

    Specifications Oksik 9A

    Efficient operation of the oxygen sensor is performed at a temperature of 300 ° C. To speed the operating temperature oxygen sensor is equipped with a heater.
    Sensors Oksik 9A designed to operate for 10 years.

Photos: Oksik-9A

Oksik-9A device image.
Oksik-9A device image.