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NMT 30-40 0,005 NTM 30-40 caliper .005 three-point vernier micrometer.

NMT 30-40 0,005

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Caliper NMT 30-40 0.005 three-point vernier micrometer (NMT3040, NMT-30-40, NMT 30 40, NMT 3040)
Caliper NMT 30-40 0.005 three-point vernier micrometer is designed for high precision measurements of passing, blind holes, centering edges.
Product Specifications caliper NMT 30-40 0.005 three-point vernier micrometer:
Size - 30mm-40mm;
Price fission products caliper NMT 30-40 0.005 three-point vernier micrometer - 0.005 mm;
Caliper is an indispensable tool where necessary to make measurements in hard to reach areas of the product.
The device caliper NMT 30-40 0.005 implemented using a micrometer scale and drum stalk reading system of values.
Head - self-centering;
Measuring caliper instrument probes NMT 30-40 0.005 hardened carbide;
Supplied with an extension cord, adjusting ring, aluminum case. DIN 863;
The product is indispensable for some problems of measurement;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality three-point caliper NMT 30-40 0.005 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

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