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Measurer of interference NLMZ-4/50

Also this device can be called: NLMZ4/50, NLMZ 4/50, NLMZ-4-50, NLMZ4-50, NLMZ-450, NLMZ 450, NLMZ4 50.


NLMZ-4/50 measurer of interference is designed for voltage and current measurements in the field of radio interference in the broadcasting band. The instrument comprises an antenna for field strength measurements.


Scope: medical equipment, short-wave diathermy.


Measurers of interference NLMZ-4/50 can also be used as a sensitive selective microvoltmeter general application.


Specifications NLMZ-4/50:


Frequency range - from 10 kHz to 150 kHz.

Ability to change the attenuation in 10 dB steps:

- IF - from -30 dB to +60 dB;

- HF - 0 dB to 60 dB.


Power supply:

- AC voltage - 220 V;

- input frequency - 47 Hz to 440 Hz.


Meters NLMZ-4/50 have the following input impedance - 50Ohm, 75Ohm, 600Ohm.

Power supply from battery - 10×1,5 V.

Dimensions - 540×310×420 mm.

Mass meter - 32 kg.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity requirements of the existing meters NLMZ-4/50 technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage. Devices are certified and listed in the State Register of measuring instruments.

Photos: NLMZ-4/50

NLMZ-4/50 device image.
NLMZ-4/50 device image.
NLMZ-4/50 front view.
NLMZ-4/50 front view.
NLMZ-4/50 side view.
NLMZ-4/50 side view.
NLMZ-4/50 rear view.
NLMZ-4/50 rear view.
NLMZ-4/50 overhead view.
NLMZ-4/50 overhead view.
NLMZ-4/50 bottom view.
NLMZ-4/50 bottom view.