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NE-65 Normal element of NE-65 saturated.


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Made in: 2018


Normal element NE-65 saturated (NE65, NE 65)
Normal element NE-65 is used as a rich measure of electromotive force in a stationary electrical devices.

Product specifications are normal elements of NE-65 saturated:
Accuracy class - 0,005;
The value of the EMF product normal element NE-65 at 20 º C:
- At the factory - from 1.018590 to 1.018700 in B;
- During operation - from 1.018540 to 1.018730 in B;
The deviation of the EMF for 1 year - no more 50mkV;
The temperature in the normal conditions of use articles element NE-65:
- Normal - 20 º C ± 5 º C;
- The workers - 10 º C-40 º C;
Low NE - 20 º C;
The internal resistance of the product element of the normal NE-65 DC at the factory - no more than 1000 ohms;
The increase in internal resistance:
- During the first year of service - less than 500 ohms;
- During the life - no more than 1000 ohms;
The angle of the normal product element NE-65 from the vertical position during operation - no more than ± 5 º;
Dimensions - no more 85h50h110mm;
Weight - not more than 0.3 kg;
Element of the normal saturated NE-65 should be operated in a vertical position under the following conditions:
- Safe temperature instability of the environment - no more than ± 0,20 ° C;
- Exposure time at the required conditions - at least 24 hours;
- Relative humidity - up to 80%;
- The permissible current for 1 minute - no more than 1.00 mA with an interval of 24 hours including; 0.050 mA - with an interval of 10 minutes, turn, 0.010 microamps - when compensated EMF;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product element of the normal saturated NE-65 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.