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Millivoltmeter MVU6-41C (MVU641C, MVU6 41C, MVU-6-41C)
Millivoltmeter MVU6-41C is designed for temperature measurement complete with thermoelectric resistance thermometers all calibration parameters and light alarm at the exit temperature of the specified range.
Includes additional gain block BU-11.
Technical characteristics of the devices millivoltmeters MVU6-41C:
Measurement range:
- Temperature - 50 º C-1800 º C;
- Voltage - 0mV-49, 11mV;
Accuracy class - 1.0;
Acceptable basic error of the instrument millivoltmeter MVU6-41C in the measuring range - ± 1,0% of the measuring range;
Hysteretic error does not exceed the absolute value of the admitted basic error;
Measurement ranges device millivoltmeter MVU6-41C and calibration characteristics are given in Table 1;
Table 1 Ranges device millivoltmeter MVU6-41C
Graduirovochaya characteristic Measuring range
Temperature, º C MV
HC -50 º C-+100 º C
-50 º C-+150 º C
-50 º C-+200 º C
0 º C-150 º C
0 º C-200 º C
0 º C-300 º C
0 º C-400 º C
0 º C-600 º C
200 º C-600 º C
200 º C-800 º C
-3.11 MV 6.83 mV
-3.11 MV 10.62 mV
-3.11 MV 14.59 mV
0mV-10, 69mV
0mV-14, 59mV
0mV-22, 88mV
0mV-31, 49mV
0mV-49, 11mV
14.59 mV 49, 11mV
14.59 mV 66, 47mV
Characteristics of ceramics 0 º C-400 º C
0 º C-600 º C
0 º C-800 º C
0 º C-900 º C
0 º C-1100 º C
0 º C-1300 º C
200 º C-600 º C
200 º C-1200 º C
400 º C-900 º C
600 º C-1100 º C
700 º C-1300 º C
0mV-16, 40mV
0mV-24, 91mV
0mV-33, 32MB
0mV-37, 37mV
0mV-45, 16mV
0mV-52, 43mV
8.13 mV-24, 910mV
8.13 mV 48, 870mV
16.40 mV 37, 370mV
24.91 mV 45, 160mV
29.15 mV 52, 430mV
PP-1 0 º C-1300 º C
0 º C-1600 º C
500 º C-1300 º C
0mV-13, 129mV
0mV-16, 714mV
4.213 mV-13, 129mV
PR-30/6 0 º C-1600 º C
0 º C-1800 º C
1000 º C-1600 º C
1000 º C-1800 º C
0mV-11, 456mV
0mV-13, 812mV
4.929 mV-11, 456mV
4.929 mV-13, 812mV
Under the terms of mechanical stress, the device belongs to the stability;
Failure to return the pointer device millivoltmeter MVU6-41C to zero - not more than 0.6 mm;
External resistance - 5 ohms;
Operating position device millivoltmeter MVU6-41C - Vertical;
Settling time moving part - no more than 4s;
The measuring system of the device millivoltmeter MVU6-41C - magnetoelectric type of uniform one-sided scale;
Scale length - 130mm;
Changing the millivolt readings MVU6-41C caused deviation of ambient temperature from normal (within the operating temperature range) for every 10 K, does not exceed ± 0,8%; under the influence of a constant external magnetic field of 400 A / m, formed a DC or AC frequency 50Hz - less than ± 0,5% of the measuring range;
- Device M1734 - 30h160h272, 5mm;
- HEAD UNIT - 75h110h75mm;
- Bracket - 182h30h237mm
- Device M1734 - 1.3 kg;
- Unit increase - 0.6 kg;
- Mounting bracket - 0.3 kg;
Mean time to failure of the device millivoltmeter MVU6-41C - no less than 20,000 hours;
Average life - at least 6 years;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument millivoltmeter MVU6-41C technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.