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Millivoltmeter MVU6-41A (MVU641A, MVU6 41A, MVU-6-41A)
Millivoltmeter MVU6-41A is designed to measure the temperature, complete with thermoelectric resistance thermometers all calibration parameters and light alarm at the exit temperature of the specified range.
Includes additional gain block BU-11.
Technical characteristics of the devices millivoltmeters MVU6-41A:
Measurement range:
- Temperature - 50 º C-1800 º C;
- Voltage - 0mV-49, 11mV;
Accuracy class - 1.0;
Acceptable basic error of the instrument millivoltmeter MVU6-41A in a measuring range - ± 1,0% of the measuring range;
Hysteretic error does not exceed the absolute value of the admitted basic error;
Measurement ranges device millivoltmeter MVU6-41A and calibration characteristics are given in Table 1;
Table 1 Ranges device millivoltmeter MVU6-41A
Graduirovochaya characteristic Measuring range
Temperature, º C MV
HC -50 º C-+100 º C
-50 º C-+150 º C
-50 º C-+200 º C
0 º C-150 º C
0 º C-200 º C
0 º C-300 º C
0 º C-400 º C
0 º C-600 º C
200 º C-600 º C
200 º C-800 º C
-3.11 MV 6.83 mV
-3.11 MV 10.62 mV
-3.11 MV 14.59 mV
0mV-10, 69mV
0mV-14, 59mV
0mV-22, 88mV
0mV-31, 49mV
0mV-49, 11mV
14.59 mV 49, 11mV
14.59 mV 66, 47mV
Characteristics of ceramics 0 º C-400 º C
0 º C-600 º C
0 º C-800 º C
0 º C-900 º C
0 º C-1100 º C
0 º C-1300 º C
200 º C-600 º C
200 º C-1200 º C
400 º C-900 º C
600 º C-1100 º C
700 º C-1300 º C
0mV-16, 40mV
0mV-24, 91mV
0mV-33, 32MB
0mV-37, 37mV
0mV-45, 16mV
0mV-52, 43mV
8.13 mV-24, 910mV
8.13 mV 48, 870mV
16.40 mV 37, 370mV
24.91 mV 45, 160mV
29.15 mV 52, 430mV
PP-1 0 º C-1300 º C
0 º C-1600 º C
500 º C-1300 º C
0mV-13, 129mV
0mV-16, 714mV
4.213 mV-13, 129mV
PR-30/6 0 º C-1600 º C
0 º C-1800 º C
1000 º C-1600 º C
1000 º C-1800 º C
0mV-11, 456mV
0mV-13, 812mV
4.929 mV-11, 456mV
4.929 mV-13, 812mV
Under the terms of mechanical stress, the device belongs to the stability;
Failure to return the pointer device millivoltmeter MVU6-41A to zero - not more than 0.6 mm;
External resistance - 5 ohms;
Operating position device millivoltmeter MVU6-41A - Vertical;
Settling time moving part - no more than 4s;
The measuring system of the device millivoltmeter MVU6-41A - magnetoelectric type of uniform one-sided scale;
Scale length - 130mm;
Changing the millivolt readings MVU6-41A caused a deviation of ambient temperature from normal (within the operating temperature range) for every 10 K, does not exceed ± 0,8%; under the influence of a constant external magnetic field of 400 A / m, formed a DC or AC frequency 50Hz - less than ± 0,5% of the measuring range;
- Device M1734 - 30h160h272, 5mm;
- HEAD UNIT - 75h110h75mm;
- Bracket - 182h30h237mm
- Device M1734 - 1.3 kg;
- Unit increase - 0.6 kg;
- Mounting bracket - 0.3 kg;
Mean time to failure of the device millivoltmeter MVU6-41A - no less than 20,000 hours;
Average life - at least 6 years;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument millivoltmeter MVU6-41A technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.