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MVT-2A LSH3.010.055 Transformer MW-2A LSH3.010.055 rotating.

MVT-2A LSH3.010.055

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Transformer MVT-2A LSH3.010.055 rotating (MVT2A, MVT-2-A, MVT 2 A, mvt-2a,  MVT-2A LSH3.010.055, MVT2A LSH3.010.055, MVT-2-A LSH3.010.055, MVT 2 A LSH3.010.055, MVT 2A LSH3.010.055, MVT-2A LSHZ.010.055, mbt2a, mbt-2-a, mbt 2 a, mbt 2a)
Rotary transformers MW-2A LSH3.010.055 is a two-pole contact four stretch wrapping machines.
Depending on the scheme and the inclusion mode (function) devices rotating transformer MVT-2A LSH3.010.055 divided into sine-cosine (Synchro), output voltage which is proportional to the sine (cosine) the angle of rotation of the rotor, and linear (LVT), the output voltage which varies linearly proportional to the angle of ± 60 °.
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers MVT-2A LSH3.010.055 rotating:
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument transformer MVT-2A LSH3.010.055 rotating the technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.