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MUP-100 Tearing machine CBM-100.


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Breaking Machine MUP-100 (MUP100, MUP 100)
Breaking Machine MUP-100 is designed for static testing of materials in tension, compression, bend, bend.
Technical characteristics of explosive devices Machine MUP-100:
Type of machine - hydraulic;
The maximum load the device breaking machine MUP-100:
- If static - 100000kgs;
- With dynamics - 50000kgs;
Accuracy of measurement device breaking machine MUP-100 - ± 1% of the measured load;
The smallest value of the off-peak one-way loop - 5000kgs;
The number of scales of unit loads breaking machine MUP-100 - 4;
The limiting value of the scale of loads:
- The scale of A - 10000kgs;
- The scale of B - 25000kgs;
- Scale - 50000kgs;
- Scale D - 100000kgs;
Working stroke of the active capture device breaking machine MUP-100 - 300mm;
The height of the working space between the support plates - 600mm;
The distance from the axis of the sample to the columns of the unit tensile machine MUP-100 - 450mm;
Speed ​​of movement of the active grip-load - 0mm/min-100mm/min;
Dimensions of the device breaking machine MUP-100 - 2600h2300h4515mm;
Weight - 7850kg;
The machine can be used on plants in the production lines for receipt and delivery of materials and test items, as well as laboratories for educational purposes or scientific research;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine MUP-100 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.