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MR-200 Breaking Machine MP-200.


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Breaking Machine MR-200 (MR200, MR 200)
Breaking Machine MR-200 is designed for testing at the normal temperature of standard samples of metals.
Technical characteristics of explosive devices Machine MR-200:
Maximum limit load - 200kN;
Unit price of the smallest unit level siloizmeritelya breaking machine MR-200 in the indicated ranges of measurement and recording the load:
- 8kN-40kN - 0.04 kN;
- 20kN 100kN-- 0.10 kN;
- 40kN 200kN-- 0.20 kN;
Working stroke of the active capture - 410mm;
The limits of acceptable relative error of the instrument siloizmeritelya breaking machine MR-200 in the direct course (loading) - ± 1%, since 20% of the maximum value of each range;
Tolerance index reading device from zero - no more than 0.5 division;
The scale readings Breaking Machine MR-200 in the measuring range - less than 1% of measured load;
The difference in readings between the forward and reverse strokes in the range of measurement - less than 2% of the measured load;
Dimensions - 1630h870h2200mm;
Weight of the device breaking machine MR-200 - 1400kg;
The device provides a test recording of one of the following types of diagrams: the load - displacement of the active capture, the load - time, moving the active seizure - time, stress - strain;
The principle of operation is based on the deformation of the specimen under the effect of increasing load with fixation of the final results for the load or the displacement of the active capture;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine MR-200 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.