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MPM-2 Milliteslametr portable modular three-MMM-2 (MPM 2 MPM2)


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Milliteslametr portable modular three MPM-2 (MPM 2, MPM2)
Milliteslametr portable modular three MPM-2 is available now at TU 4222-002-42294748-97. It is designed to measure three mutually perpendicular components Bx, By, Bz, and the modulus of the magnetic induction of constant and alternating magnetic fields in the range 0.1 ... 199.9 mT. Measures the mean square value of the alternating magnetic field, regardless of its form. Especially useful in controlling the magnetic fields in the workplace, in rooms and in the field, as it allows to measure the magnetic induction, without worrying about the orientation of the probe in space.
three-way converters Hall.
Under measure:
components Bx, By, Bz of the magnetic induction of constant magnetic field;
components Bx, By, Bz of the magnetic induction of the alternating magnetic field frequency of 40 ... 200 Hz;
unit of magnetic induction and alternating magnetic field B:
B = (Bx2 + By2 + Bz2) 1/2
The limits of measurement, mT: 20, 200.
Basic relative error before,%, when measured:
components of the static magnetic field:
Up to = ± [2,5 + 0,2 (B / B - 1)];
components of the alternating magnetic field:
Up to = ± [5 + 0.2 (B / B - 1)];
unit vector DC and AC magnetic field:
Up to = ± [7,5 + 0,5 (B / B - 1)];
Display: 3 ½ digit, LCD.
Power supply: four batteries (size AA) or an external power supply voltage of 5 V.
electronic control unit: 85 x 165 x 45
Probe: W 6 x 120.
Mass, kg
electronics: 0.4
Probe: 0.05.
Included in the State register of measuring instruments under № 16372-02,
certificate of type approval of measuring RU.S.34.018.A number 13,570.
Meets the requirements of GOST 22261-94, GOST 51350-99, GOST 51522-99.
Comes with a certificate and a certificate of initial verification.
Warranty period of 18 months