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MKS-U (the fire) Dosimeter-radiometer is universal for fire service MKS-U.

MKS-U (the fire)

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Dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U (MKSU, MKS U, mkc-y, mkcy, mkc y)
Dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U is designed to measure the equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma-and X-rays, measurement of equivalent dose (ED), gamma-and X-rays, measurement of surface flux density of beta-particles, measuring the accumulation time equivalent gamma-and X-rays.
- Automatic selection of measurement intervals and ranges;
- The presence of signaling each detected gamma ray or beta particles;
- Digital display backlight and controls in the dark;
- Multi-display discharge power source;
- Ability to work in rain, dust-laden atmosphere and the deepening of the remote detection of water to a depth of 0.5 m;
- The presence of an analog indicator of the intensity of radiation;
- Ability to write non-volatile memory with the transfer to a PC via infrared up to 4096 measurements;
- Ability to view the recorded dosimeter-radiometer instrument for the purpose of fire protection services, MKS-U measurements on its own digital display;
- Ability to work with the device in personal protection (rubber gloves);
- Fixing the unit dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U on the belt, allowing the operator to manipulate by hand.
- Charging the battery unit dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U with built-in charger:
- The car battery 12 V;
- From the industrial network 220V/50Hz with a voltage converter;
- Fixing the detection unit to the body remote device;
- No set alarm detection unit, a cassette with a control power source (137Cs) and geliobatareya.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeter-radiometers are universal for fire services MKS-U:
Operating temperature range - from -40 º C to +50 º C (-40 º C to +95 º C for the digital display);
The measurement instrument dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U parameter gamma
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) with the combined detection unit - 0.1 mkZv/ch-10Zv/ch (10mkR/ch-1000R/ch);
Measuring range ambient equivalent dose (ED) with built-in remote detector - 1mkZv-9999mZv (100mkR-999, 9R);
Relative main error in the measurement of EDR and ED in the calibration of 137Cs - ± 15%;
The energy range of measurement - 0.05 MeV-3, 0MeV;
The measurement instrument dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U parameters of beta radiation
Measurement range of the surface flux density of beta-particles - 10 1 / (cm 2 ∙ min) -200 000 1 / (cm 2 ∙ min);
The energy measuring range - 0.3 MeV-3, 0MeV;
Allowable relative error in measuring the density of the main stream of beta particles in the calibration 90Sr +90 Y - ± 20%;
Measurement time intervals instrument dosimeter-radiometer MKS-U is universal for fire services - 2c-50c;
Time of continuous operation of the battery - 100 hours;
Weight control dosimeter-radiometer instrument versatile for fire services with the MKS-U detection unit - 2.4 kg;
Overall dimensions of the console - 160h125h80mm;
Special delivery device universal dosimeter-radiometer MKS-U for fire services:
- Unit with nerazemnym combined gamma-, beta-detecting unit;
- A short telescopic bar for the detection unit with clip for attaching to a belt;
- Cable for charging from a car battery 12V (10m);
- Adapter 220V - 12V;
- Nickel-cadmium batteries (5 pcs., Size AA);
- Head-phones;
- A box laying;
Instruction Manual
- Form;
- Set alarm detection unit (on request):
- Remote gamma-ray detector with 30 m cable;
- 5-foot telescoping pole with a handle-bracket for cable winding;
- Cover for telescopic rod;
- Spare parts;
- Infrared adapter and software exchange (on request)
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument dosimeter-radiometer universal for fire services MKS-U technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.