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MKN-380MT Kiloommetr MCS-380MT, megger MCS-380MT.


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Kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT (MKN380MT, MKN 380MT, MKN380-MT, MKN380 MT)
Kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT is designed for long-term measurements of insulation resistance in AC networks with isolated neutral voltage of 220V and 380V 50Hz and 60Hz, and to signal with insulation resistance below a set level (setting).
Technical characteristics of the devices kiloommetry MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT:
The final value of the measuring range - 20 MW;
Accuracy class - 2.5;
Setpoint resistance of the device - 100 k, 200 k ohms, 300 ohms, 400 ohms, 500 ohms, 600 ohms, 750 ohms;
Warm-up time unit kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT - no more than 15 minutes;
Continuous operation - to 8ch/sutki;
Operating position - vertical;
Settling time of the mobile device kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT - 4c;
Additional error by the external magnetic field of 400 A / m does not exceed permissible basic error;
Dimensions of the device kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT - 160h120h175mm;
Weight - 3.5 kg;
Mean time to failure of the device kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT - no less than 19,500 hours;
Average life - at least 6 years;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument kiloommetr MKN-380MT, megger MKN-380MT requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.