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MK-TGC-100 (75-100) Micrometer MK-CHT-100 (75-100).

MK-TGC-100 (75-100)

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Micrometer MK-TGC-100 (75-100) with a digital point-sponges (MKTGC100, MK TGC 100, M-TGC 100, MK TGC-100)
Micrometer MK-TGC-100 (75-100) with a digital point-sponges designed for measuring grooves and slots, keyways, with an angular shape, and other hard to measure places (measuring the thickness of sleeve with internal threads).
Especially suited for measuring fine details due to small measuring surfaces.
Measuring the surface of micrometer taper angle of 30 º to a thickness of 0.3 mm.
Technical characteristics of the instrument mics MK-TGC-100 point digital sponges:
Accuracy class - 1;
Measurement range instrument mic MK-TGC-100 (75-100) - 75mm-100mm;
Price division - 0,001 mm;
Micrometers have a digital reading device, greatly facilitates the reading;
The functions of the electronic unit instrument mic MK-TGC-100 (75-100) with a digital point-like sponges:
- Push-button control;
- Metric and inch system of calculation;
- The button off / auto shut off;
- Set the absolute zero the instrument mic MK-TGC-100 (75-100) with an electronic point-sponges;
- Absolute and relative measurements;
- Setting limits and classified the measurement;
- Hold function on the screen;
- Connector for data output;
Staples instrument mic MK-TGC-100 (75-100) with a digital point-like jaws are equipped with heat insulation pads, and provide increased rigidity, spindle, stainless steel, equipped with a measuring surface of the hard alloy;
The device is irreplaceable for certain measurement tasks;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument micrometer with a digital point-like jaws of MK-TGC-100 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.