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MIRP-5K Tearing machine IWMI-5K.


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Breaking Machine MIRP-5K (MIRP5K, MIRP-5-K, MIRP 5K, MIRP 5 K)
Breaking Machine MIRP-5K is designed for static testing of samples of plastics and rubber in tension at room temperature.
Technical characteristics of the devices bursting machine MIRP-5K:
Maximum limit load - 5kN;
The range of load measuring device breaking machine MIRP-5K - 0.2 kN-5kN;
The range of loading - 0kN-5kN;
The height of the workspace, including the active stroke crosshead - 800mm;
The width of the device workspace breaking machine MIRP-5K - 300mm;
Working stroke of active traverse - 700mm;
The thickness of the test instrument tensile machine MIRP-5K samples - 5mm-21mm;
Velocity range of the active cross-beams - 5mm/min-120mm/min;
Range of motion measurements - 0mm-700mm;
Measurement error in the load range of measurement - 1%;
Measurement error in moving the measuring range - 1%;
Overall dimensions of the device breaking machine MIRP-5K - 1500h1300h600mm:
Weight - 180kg;
The software appliance breaking machine MIRP-5K
The basic software package bursting machine is modular, ie, has the ability to build new types of tests in accordance with the standards for these tests. The test specimens in tension and shape mation protocols in accordance with the standards;
When the static tensile test using a device breaking machine MIRP-5K ensures identification of the following characteristics of the sample material:
- Tensile strength;
- Tensile strength;
- Tensile yield strength;
- Yield strength;
- Elongation at maximum load;
- Elongation at break;
- Elongation at yield;
Bursting the machine MIRP-5K are different:
- Greater functionality;
- Accurate and reproducible test results;
- Reliability and performance of exciting devices;
- Small dimensions, low metal content;
- Stylistic unity of the external form;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine MIRP-5K technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.