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    Tearing machine MIRK-500K (MIRK500K; MIRK 500K; MIRK-500 K, MIRK-500-K, MIRK500 K; MIRK500-K)
    Tensile testing machine MIRK-500K - a product developed for static tensile testing of samples of steel ropes and their products.
    The highest rated load - 500kN.
    The range of loading rates - 0.5 kN / s - 50kN / s.
    The maximum distance between the grips (the axes of holes), including the progress of the active capture - 1800mm.
    The width of the workspace - 400mm.
    Dimensions - no more than 2500 × 900mm.
    Weight - no more than 1000 mm.

Structural features MIRK-500K

    The loading device testing machine MIRK-500K on power plant construction is horizontal type. Products MIRK-500K digital systems feature automated measurement / control ASTM-Digital «Professional" that provide automatic control of the process of loading and visualization as digrams.

Specifications MIRK-500K

    Tensile testing machines MIRK-500K admitted in his work the following error:
    - When measuring the load - ± 1%;
    - The displacement measurement - ± 2%;
    - While maintaining the speed of loading - no more than ± 10% of the set value.

    The unit price of the least significant digit for load - 0.01 kN, and on movements - 0.05 mm. Working stroke of the active capture of at least 500mm. Travel speed no load active capture the direct course - at least 300mm/min.
    The scale of the recording charts load testing machine MIRK-500K - from 1:10 to 500:1.
    Tearing machine MIRK-500K uses mains voltage of 380 V and a frequency of 50 Hz, and the power consumed by the device does not exceed 4 kW.