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MIR-200K Tearing machine MIR-200K.


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Tearing machine MIR-200K (MIR200K, MIR-200-K, MIR200K, MIR 200 K)
Tearing machine MIR-200K is designed to:
- Static testing of samples of metals and alloys, reinforcing steel, plastic tensile specimens at normal temperature;
- Calibration of hydraulic weight indicator GIVE-6M, electronic weight indicator IVE-50, weight indicators JZS WIS drilling rigs;
- Static testing of reinforcing ropes (MIR-500K).
Technical characteristics of the devices bursting machine MIR-200K:
Maximum limit load - 200kN;
The lowest limit load - 4kN;
Maximum height of working space unit tensile machine MIR-200K - 420mm;
Proceedings of the active capture:
- Installation - no less than 300mm;
- Working - not less than 100mm;
The width of the device workspace breaking machine MIR-200K - 400mm;
The range of loading rates when tested in tension - 0.05 kN/s-20kN/s;
Velocity range of the active capture device breaking machine MIR-200K:
- Small movements - 0.0025 mm/s-2, 5 mm / s;
- Large displacement - 0,025 mm/s-2, 5 mm / s;
The highest rate of displacement of the active capture device breaking machine MIR-200K with no load - 165mm/min;
The limits of permissible error of measurement:
- Load measuring range - ± 1%;
- Moving in a range of dimensions - ± 2%;
- Deformation of the limit range - ± 1%;
The limits of permissible error rate of change of the parameter unit tensile machine MIR-200K - ± 5%;
Dimensions - 1500h1900h2200mm:
Weight of the device breaking machine MIR-200K - 1200 kg;
Power consumption - 3.0 kW;
Technical features of the device breaking machine MIR-200K:
Tracking servo-hydraulic actuator provides:
- An exact reproduction modes of loading under any law, regardless of the nature of the resistance of the test sample;
- High dynamic tensile machine in a wide range of loading rates and deformation, the ability to work in soft and hard loading conditions;
- Almost unlimited possibility for limiting tensile machine loads;
- Machines are versatile and provide the execution of all types of mechanical tests of materials in all standard and non-standard methods;
The computer system unit tensile machine MIR-200K provides:
- Automatic control of sample loading rate tensile machine;
- Automatic processing of test results with the issuance of the test;
- The possibility of a probabilistic assessment of the results of tests on the stored information;
- Automatic insertion of amendments to strengthen and eliminate drift "electrical zero";
- Automatic compensation of tensile loading device compliance vehicles;
- Automatic calibration of force, displacement and deformation;
The software appliance breaking machine MIR-200K
The basic software package bursting machine is modular, ie, has the ability to build new types of tests in accordance with the standards for these tests. The test specimens in tension and the formation of the protocols is to dance with the requirements of sootvets standards;
When the static tensile test using a device breaking machine MIR-200K provides the following definition of the characteristics of the sample material:
- The limit of proportionality;
- The elastic limit;
- Modulus of elasticity;
- Yield strength of the physical;
- The upper limit of fluidity;
- The lower the yield strength;
- Yield strength of the conditioned;
Ultimate strength,
- Elongation after rupture of the sample;
Contraction ratio
Bursting the machine type to differ-WORLD:
- Greater functionality;
- Accurate and reproducible test results;
- Reliability and performance of exciting devices;
- Small dimensions, low metal content;
- Stylistic unity of the external form;
Tearing machine MIR-K, depending on the version supplied with:
- V-grips for round, flat and segmented samples;
- Hooks for testing samples of pipes;
- Captures high-speed testing of cylindrical specimens with heads;
- Hooks such as "snail" for the test wire;
- Means for testing fracture toughness;
- Strain sensors (strain gauges) with the bases 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine MIR-200K with the technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.