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MIDA-DA-13P Absolute pressure MIDA-DA-13P.


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Absolute Pressure Sensor MIDA-DA-13P (MIDADA13P, MIDA DA 13P, MIDADA-13P, MIDA-DA13P)
Absolute Pressure Sensor MIDA-DA-13P is designed for continuous conversion of the proportional value of the absolute pressure in a uniform signal in automatic control and management in the nuclear industry.
Specifications of absolute pressure sensors are devices MIDA-DA-13P:
Operating environment - fluid and gases compatible with titanium alloys;
The range of measured device absolute pressure sensor MIDA-DA-13P pressure - 0MPa-0, 01MPa, 0MPa-0, 016MPa, 0MPa-0, 025MPa, 0MPa-0, 04MPa, 0MPa-0, 06MPa, 0MPa 0, 1 MPa, 0MPa-0 , 16MPa, 0MPa-0, 25 MPa, 0MPa-0, 4MPa, 0MPa-1 MPa, 0MPa-1, 6MPa, 0MPa-2, 5MPa, 0MPa-4MPa, 0MPa-6MPa, 0MPa-10MPa;
Basic accuracy - ± 0,15%, ± 0,2%, ± 0,25%, ± 0,5%;
Operating temperature range absolute pressure sensor device MIDA-DA-13P - from -40 º C to +80 º C;
Additional error in the temperature range - no more than 1.6% (to 0.15%), 2 (0.2% and 0.25%), 3 (0.5%);
The output signal (line) absolute pressure sensor device MIDA-DA-13P:
- 4mA-20mA - 2 wire;
- 0 mA-5 mA - 3 - and 4-wire;
- (Uo-Umax) B, where Uo = 0 V-5A, Umax = 2V-10V - 3 - and 4-wire;
Power supply unit pressure sensor MIDA-DA-13P:
- 12V-36V - 4 mA to 20 mA depending on the load;
- 20V-36V - 0 mA to 5 mA,;
- 3.6V-20V - for B depending on the values ​​of Uo and Umax;
Supply absolute pressure sensor device MIDA-DA-13P current - not more than 20.2 mA (4 mA to 20 mA), 10 mA (0 mA, 5 mA), 2mA, 10mA (for Uo-UmaxV);
Protection - UHL;
The stability of the pressure sensor device MIDA-DA-13P on the mechanics - G2;
Type of connection - packing line (P) or angular (Y), AC (R), cable (K);
Type of fitting the device absolute pressure sensor MIDA-DA-13P - M20x1, 5 M12x1, 5;
Weight - no more than 0.25 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument absolute pressure sensor MIDA-DA-13P technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.