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MA-100V (ma-100b)

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Pressure gauge MA-100V aircraft (MA100V, MA 100 V, MA-100-V, ma-100b, MA 100V, ma100b, ma 100 b, ma-100-b, ma 100b)
Pressure gauge MA-100V aircraft is designed to measure air pressure, oxygen, fluid AMG-10 and other liquid and gaseous media, aggressive relative to the osculating materials.
Accuracy class - 4;
Designed for installation in units, and systems of aircraft and ground-based aircraft.
Gauges are aircraft of such types of AI: AI-4, CF-4, MA-6R, MK-6, MA-10, CF-10M-10K MA, MK-10, MA-16K, MK-18, MA-25K , MA-25km, MA-40 MA-60, MH-60M, MW-30, CF-60M, 60K MA, MK-13M, MA-100, CF-100M, MA-100B, MG-100M, CF 80M-, MA-160, MG-160M, MA-250M, 250M-MB, MG-250M, MA-250, MG-250P, MA-250km, MA-250K, MK-12M.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges aircraft MA-100V:
Accuracy class - 4;
Upon request, the MA gauge can be supplied 25K-class accuracy of 2.5;
The upper limit of measurement - 100kgs/sm 2;
The interval between the digitized markers - 20kgs/sm 2;
Scale instrument gauge aircraft MA-100V - 5.0 kgf / cm 2;
Acceptable basic error limit testimony - ± 4,0 kg / cm 2;
Replaceable unit (including a tropical version) - CF-80M;
Pressure gauge MA-100V aircraft are designed to measure air pressure, oxygen, fluid AMG-10 and other liquid and gaseous media, aggressive with respect to the materials in contact:
- 36NHTYU alloy (EI-702);
- Brass LS59-1;
- Bronze BrKMtsZ-1;
- Solder PSr40 - Gauge MA-25K; MA-250, MA-250K;
- Brass LANKMts 75-2-2,5-0,5-0,5, LS59-1;
Gauges Gauge MA-100V aircraft designed to be installed in the units and systems of aircraft and ground-based aircraft;
Resistance to climatic influences devices manometer MA-100B aircraft manufactured in the execution of B2 and a tropical version, but it can work (except gauges MA-25K, the MA-250 MA-250K) at a temperature of -60 º C to +80 ° C and relative humidity up to 100%, and pressure gauges MA-25K, MA-250 MA-250K - at a temperature of -60 º C to +160 ° C and relative humidity up to 100% at 35 ° C;
The letter "K" in the designation of the manometer indicates the pressure gauge designed to measure the pressure of oxygen;
Pressure gauge MA-100V aircraft remains operational under the action of vibration loads in the frequency range from 20Hz to 80Hz with acceleration up to 2,5 g;
Gauges MA-25K, MA-250 and MA-250K remain productive in a short-term exposure (20 minutes during each hour of work) of high temperature to 200 ° C;
Pressure gauges are operable under the influence of sea mist, fungi, frost and dew;
Gauges Gauge MA-100V aircraft remain operable after exposure to stress:
- Vibratory loads in the frequency range from 5Hz to 300Hz with acceleration up to 7g;
- Shocks with acceleration up to 12g, 20ms duration shock pulse ÷ 50ms and the number of beats per minute, 40-80;
- Linear (centrifugal) acceleration loads up to 10g;
- Transportation by any mode of transport for any distance with no more than 15g acceleration at shock impulse duration 54ms-10ms;
Background dial gauge instrument air MA-100V - matte black, marks and numbers - white matte (under red light);
Upon request, the dial background can be made - matte black, marks, numbers and arrows pointing the end - white, covered with a phosphor (except gauges MA-25K, the MA-250 MA-250K);
The mass of the gauge - no more than 0.25 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of instrument air pressure gauge MA-100V technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.

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