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Microammeter M903/1 (M-903/1, M 903/1, M-903-1, M 903-1, M903 1, M-903 1, M 903 1, m903 1, m-903 1, m 903 1, m903/1, m-903/1, m 903/1, m-903-1, m 903-1)

M903/1 is designed to measure current in DC.
Specifications microammeter M903/1
Designation M903/1
Limit of measurement - 1mkA, 5mkA, 10mkA, 15mkA, 20mkA, 25mkA, 30mkA, 50mkA, 100mkA, 150mkA, 200mkA, 300mkA, 500mkA, 1000mkA, 1mkA-0mkA-1mkA, 5mkA-0mkA-5mkA, 10mkA-0mkA-10mkA, 15mkA-0mkA-15mkA, 20mkA-0mkA-20mkA, 25mkA-0mkA-25mkA, 30mkA-0mkA-30mkA, 50mkA-0mkA-50mkA, 100mkA-0mkA-100mkA, 150mkA-0mkA-150mkA, 200mkA-0mkA-200mkA, 300mkA-0mkA-300mkA, 500mkA-0mkA-500mkA, 1000mkA-0mkA-1000mkA.
Accuracy class - 1.0, 1.5
Internal resistance (max) 2000 W
Normal position: vertical, horizontal,
Test voltage insulation strength 2kV under normal conditions.
Microammeter M903/1 stand:
- Out of service attacks with maximum acceleration of 70 l / s 2 with a frequency of 10-50 beats per minute (the total number of strokes - 2000)
- Vibration with a maximum acceleration of 15 m / s 2 and a frequency of 30 Hz
Dimensions: 120x105x64 mm
Weight: not more than 0.3 kg
Of precious metals:
platinum - 0.0018 g in the alloy, silver.
Climatic working conditions of microammeter M903 / 1:
Air temperature: ° C    -50 to +60
Relative humidity 95% (+35 ° C)
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 60-106
Attention! When mounting the fastening screws into the microammeter M903 / 1 to a depth of no more than 5mm.
Package Contents M903/1
Microammeter M903/1 - 1 pc.
Passport - 1 copy.
Calibrated wire in accordance with GOST 1609-76 (for devices up to 75 mV) - 2.
Certificate of Acceptance
M903 / 1 is the TU25-04-853-76 and found fit for service.
Information about packaging M903/1
Packaging, labeling of packaging and documentation are placed in boxes correspond to State Standards 9181-74.
Merchantability M903/1
The manufacturer guarantees that the microammeter M903/1 TS requirements if the consumer operating, transportation and storage.
The warranty period is 18 months from the date of putting the unit into operation.
Warranty period - 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Photos M903/1

M903/1 front view (scale).
M903/1 front view (scale).
M903/1 side view (casing depth).
M903/1 side view (casing depth).
M903/1 rear view (connection).
M903/1 rear view (connection).