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Ammeter M901-2,  milliammeter M901-2 (M9012, M-901-2, M 2 901, m901-2, 2 M901, m9012, m-901-2, m 2 901, m901 2)
Designed to measure the current in dc circuits.
Dimensions - 120х105mm.
Accuracy Class - 1.0, 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters M901-2 M901-2 milliammeter:
Measuring range - 30 mA;
Resistance ammeter instruments M901-2 M901-2 milliammeter - 150 ohms.

Photos M901-2

M901-2 front view (scale).
M901-2 front view (scale).
M901-2 side view (casing depth).
M901-2 side view (casing depth).
M901-2 rear view (connection).
M901-2 rear view (connection).