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    Setting indicator M733/2 (M 733/2, M-733/2 2-M733; 733-2 M, M-733/2; m 733/2: m 733/2; m -733 / 2; m 733 -2; m 733-2; m-733/2)
    Tuning indicator M733/2 - a device designed to fine tune the network of transistor radios.
    Measurement range: 50-0-50mkA.
    The internal resistance of the indicator - ≤ 3000Om.
    Dimensions - 20h35mm.
    Weight: 84g.
    M733 / 2 is a miniature billboard microamp-coil system with a movable frame and vnutriramochnym magnet. The measurement mechanism is designed to mount the moving part on extensions. The case protects the device measuring mechanism from mechanical damage and is dust-and splash-proof.

Technical haratkeristiki M733/2

Operating position of the device - vertical or horizontal. Settling time indicator - no more than 3 seconds.
    The basic error of the indicators set M733 / 2 is ± 10%. Changes display product has the following values:
    - When the temperature deviation from 20 º C ± 5 ° C (ranging from -20 º C to +60 ° C), not more than ± 2% of full scale for every 10 degrees;
    - Under the most unfavorable direction of the magnetic field strength of 400 A / m - not more than ± 2,5% of full scale value;
    - When installing the product on a ferromagnetic shield - no more than ± 0,5% full scale.
Setting indicators M733/2 are designed for use in ambient temperatures from -20 º C to +60 ° C and relative humidity up to 95% (at 25 ° C). The minimum probability of failure of M733 / 2 for 500 hours of testing at least 0.7 at a confidence level of 0.9. 

Photos: M733/2

M733/2 front view (scale).
M733/2 front view (scale).
M733/2 side view (casing depth).
M733/2 side view (casing depth).
M733/2 rear view (connection).
M733/2 rear view (connection).