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Ammeter M592, M592 microammeter (M 592, M-592)
Designed to measure very small quantities of direct current.
Dimensions - 63h63h52mm.
Accuracy class - with high accuracy.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters M592, M592 microammeter:
Made for temperate and tropical climates (tropical version).
In the tropical version devices ammeter M592, M592 microammeter designated M592T.
Instruments used:
- Ambient temperature from -30 º C to +50 ° C and relative humidity up to 80%;
- At a temperature of 30 ° C, relative humidity is allowed up to 90%.
Devices such as M529T used:
- Ambient temperature from -10 º C to +55 ° C and relative humidity up to 80%;
- At a temperature of 35 ° C, relative humidity is allowed up to 95%.
For special purposes are made gauges, which are a kind of instrument M592, with special scales.
Type designation of the meter is the device type ammeter M592, M592 microammeter with adding a dash number indicates the sequence of the meter.
In terms of resistance to mechanical stress tryaskoprochnye devices.
The limits of measurement instrument ammeter M592, M592 microammeter: 0mkA-50mkA; 50mkA-0mkA-50mkA; 0mkA-100mkA; 100mkA-0mkA-100mkA; 0mkA-200mkA; 0mkA 300mkA-and-0mkA 500mkA.
The resistance of the device for the measurement limits 0mkA 50mkA-and-50mkA 0mkA-50mkA - not more than 2800 ohms, on the other within the measurement - less than 800 ohms.
For full deflection meter current is specified in the passport.
Class of accuracy of the instrument ammeter M592, M592 microammeter 2.5.
Settling time of the mobile device up to 4 seconds.
Operating position of devices - both horizontal and vertical.
Change the ammeter readings M592, M592 microammeter caused by ambient temperature deviation from the normal (within the operating temperature) does not exceed ± 2% for every 10 degrees, under the influence of external magnetic field strength of 400 A / m - not exceed ± 2,5% .
Dimensions - 63X63X52mm diameter of 60mm recessed part;
Weight of the device ammeter M592, M592 microammeter - no more than 0.2 kg.
Devices such as M592 structurally designed in plastic dust-proof housings recessed mounting.
Fastening device ammeter M592, M592 microammeter by four screws through the holes in the casing cover.The measuring mechanism - the magneto system with a direct readout.

Photos M592

M592 front view (scale).
M592 front view (scale).
M592 side view (casing depth).
M592 side view (casing depth).
M592 rear view (connection).
M592 rear view (connection).