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Ohmmeter M57D

Also this device can be called: M 57D, M-57D, M-57-D, M57-D, M57 D, M 57 D.


M57D ohmmeter portable direct-reading with sequential measured resistance is designed to measure the electrical resistance of the DC.

System ohmmeters M57D - magnetoelectric with the moving part on cores with arrow pointer.


Scope: measurement in closed unheated surface and underground areas.


Specifications M57D:


Measuring range - from 20 Ohm to 1500 Ohm.

Internal resistance indicator - from 160 Ohm to 250 Ohm.


The basic error, expressed as a percentage of the measured resistance:

- in the range from 20 Ohm to 80 Ohm, 500 Ohm and 1500 Ohm - not more than ±22%;

- in the range from 80 Ohm to 500 Ohm - not more than ±10%.


Response time - 4.

M57D length scale - 40 mm.

Dimensions - 40×72×171 mm.

Ohmmeter weight - not more than 0,4 kg.

Shake-resistant ohmmeter.


Structurally indicators M57D decorated in plastic casing, the top of which is the measuring mechanism at the bottom - the power supply.


Operating conditions M57D:


The ambient air temperature - from -40° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at +35° C - 98%.


On the obverse is an ohmmeter corrector providing circular rotating pointer to mark the installation of "infinity". On the back side is a magnetic shunt arm, which makes it possible to set the pointer to zero scale for supply voltage from 3,7 V to 4,5 V. On the front side M57D located terminals for connection of the measured resistance.

Photos М57Д

M57D front view.
M57D front view.
M57D side view.
M57D side view.
M57D rear view.
M57D rear view.