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Thermistor head M5-28

Also this device can be called: M528, M5 28, M-528, M 528.


M5-28 head thermistor is designed to measure small microwave power mode CW and pulse-modulated waves in conjunction with a thermistor bridge M4-1.


Thermistor head M5-28 provide broadband matching thermistor waveguides and used in laboratories.


Specifications M5-28:


Maximum power measurement - 5 mW, 25 W.

Range - from 12 MHz to 16,7 MHz.


Maximum power measurement:

- average - 5 mW;

- width - 25 W.


Thermistor - TV-2-250 A.

DC resistance - 400 Ohms.

Conversion factor - 0,8.

SWR - 1,4.

Tract HF - 17×8 mm.

Dimensions M5 28 - 90×37×75 mm.

Head weight - 0,3 kg.


Operating conditions M5-28:


Operating temperature range - from +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.


The manufacturer guarantees compliance thermistor heads M5-28 requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: M5-28

M5-28 device image.
M5-28 device image.
M5-28 front view (scale).
M5-28 front view (scale).
M5-28 side view (casing depth).
M5-28 side view (casing depth).
M5-28 rear view (connection).
M5-28 rear view (connection).
M5-28 overhead view.
M5-28 overhead view.