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M4263.8 LED DC M4263.8.


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LED DC M4263.8 (M 4263.8, M-4263.8)
LED DC M4263.8 designed to measure the current in the battery chargers and other dc devices.
Dimensions - 60h60mm.
The basic error of - ± 10%.
Technical characteristics of the instrument lights DC M4263.8:
Designed to measure the current strength in the chargers and other devices, the DC in various industries in a temperate climate.
Measuring instruments indicator mechanism M4263.8 DC - magnetoelectric system mounted on the movable part of the cores.
Device Type
The size of the front panel
Cutout in the panel
57.5 mm
Scale Length
Main error
± 10%
0.105 kg
Measuring range indicator device DC M4263.8
Way to incorporate
Operating conditions
A - 7.5 A, 10A, 30A
For M4263.8 Temperature -50 º C ...+60 ° C, relative humidity 95% at +35 ° C. Vibroudaroprochny.
For M4263.8 Temperature -30 º C ...+50 ° C, relative humidity 90% at 25 ° C. Vertical position.

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