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Ammeter M4208, M4208 microammeter (M 4208, M-4208)
Ammeter M4208, M4208 microammeter for measuring small quantities of direct current.
Accuracy Class - 1.5, 2.5.
Dimensions - 60h60h49mm.
Splash-proof, vibration, tryaskoprochnye.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters M4208, M4208 microammeter:
Splash shield and vibration tryaskoprochnye odnopredelnye devices showing magnetoelectric system.
Ammeter M4208, M4208 microammeter designed for operation at ambient temperatures from -50 º C to +60 ° C and relative humidity 95% ± 3%.
Instruments are used as measuring devices in stationary and mobile radio and electrical systems.
Gauges Ammeter M4208, M4208 microammeter fastening system moving parts on the cores.
The upper limits of measurement - 10mkA; 20mkA; 30mkA; 50mkA; 100mkA; 200mkA; 300mkA; 500mkA.
Working position of the device ammeter M4208, M4208 microammeter - vertical and horizontal.
Settling time of the mobile device - no more than 3 seconds.
Test voltage insulation strength - 2kV.
Dimensions instrument ammeter M4208, M4208 microammeter - 60h60h49mm.
Unit weight - 0.15 kg.