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Ammeter M42008, M42008 microammeter (M 42008, M-42008)
Ammeter M42008, M42008 microammeter designed to measure DC.
Dimensions - 60h60h49mm.
Accuracy Class - 2.5, 1.5.
Vibration, resistant to shaking.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters M42008, M42008 microammeter:
Table 1
Accuracy class
The main error,%
Failure to return the arrows to zero,%
The variation of readings,%
Scale length, mm
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
±2,5, ±1,5
0.15 kg
Under the terms of the mechanical effects of instrumentation ammeter M42008, M42008 microammeter are vibration-and tryaskoprochnym.
Measuring range: 0mkA-10mkA, 0mkA-20mkA, 0mkA-30mkA, 5mkA-0mkA-5mkA, 10mkA-0mkA-10mkA, 20mkA-0mkA-20mkA, 30mkA-0mkA-30mkA.
The voltage drop across the terminals of devices ammeter M42008, M42008 microammeter - no more than 200mV.
Settling time of the mobile device - no more than 4 seconds.
Change the readings of ammeter M42008, M42008 microammeter caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature from normal for every 10K, does not exceed ± 1,2%-for instruments of accuracy class 2,5, ± 4,0% - for accuracy class 4.0, under influence of an external magnetic field of 400A / m - not more than ± 0,5%.
Working position of the device horizontally or vertically.
Time to failure - at least 24 000 hours.Average life instruments ammeter M42008, M42008 microammeter at least 6 years.

Photos M42008

M42008 front view (scale).
M42008 front view (scale).
M42008 side view (casing depth).
M42008 side view (casing depth).
M42008 rear view (connection).
M42008 rear view (connection).