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    Megger M4101 (M 4101 and M-4101; m4101; m 4101; m-4101)

    Megger M4101 - an instrument designed to measure the insulation of electrical circuits which are not energized.
    Maximum current measuring resistance - less than 2mA.
    Power - AC 127V ± 11V or 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz.
    Power consumption - 20W.
    Dimensions - 200 × 155 × 130 mm.
    Weight - 3.5 kg.
    Megaommetry M4101 made ​​in the body of a thermoset plastic. On execution of the housing devices are dust-and splash-proof. The moving part is mounted on the megger M4101 cores and glides; reading device device - a dial indicator. Scale length - 80mm.
    Specifications M4101
    Megger M4101 is manufactured in five variants. The limits of measurement, as well as the input voltage, which is designed to megaommetry M4101, filed in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Marking of the unit
Measurement range
Input voltage
0 - 200kOm; 0 - 20MOm
100V ± 10V
0 - 500kOm; 0 - 50MOm
250V ± 25V
0 - 1000 ohms, 0 - 100MOm
500V ± 50V
0 - 1000kOm; 0 - 200MOm
1000V ± 100V
0 - 2000kOm; 0 - 1000MOm
2500V ± 250V
Response time unit M4101 - no more than 4 seconds.

    Megger M4101 measurement:
    - At the limit "MW" - covering at least 80% of the range of indications;
    - At the limit "k" - covering not less than 100% of the range of indications;

    The manufacturer guarantees that the megger M4101 quality meets the technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: M4101

M4101 megger image.
M4101 megger image.
M4101 panel view.
M4101 panel view.
M4101 side view (terminals).
M4101 side view (terminals).
M4101 side view №1.
M4101 side view №1.
M4101 side view №2.
M4101 side view №2.
M4101 side view №3.
M4101 side view №3.
M4101 bottom view.
M4101 bottom view.