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M254 Millivoltmilliampermetr M254


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Millivoltmilliampermetr M254 (M-254, M 254)
M254 portable magneto-electric system is designed to measure voltage and current in DC circuits.
Millivoltmilliampermetr M254 used at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.
The main technical parameters
In terms of resistance to mechanical impact devices are common.
According to the degree of protection against external magnetic influences M254 appliance falls into the category I.
The instrument accuracy class 0.5.
The measuring range, mA
Changing the limits of measurement in the position of the switch, mA
The voltage drop, mV
0-0.15 mA
0.15 mA
15 mV
0-0.3 mA
0.3 mA
45 mV
0-0.6 mA
0.6 mA
65 mV
0-1.5 mA
1.5 mA
65 mV
0-6 mA
6 mA
75 mV
0-15 mA
15 mA
75 mV
0-60 mA
60 mA
75 mV

Within the unit's 0-60mV, 0-150mV, 0-600mV, 0-0-1500mV and 3000mV change the measuring range in the position of the switch is 60mV, 150mV, 600mV, 1500mV and 3000mV, current and complete deviation - 0.15 mA.
Within the unit's 0-0-15mV and 30mV change at the terminals of the measuring range is 15mV and 30mV, the current total deviation of 0.15 mV.
Settling time of the mobile unit is not more than 4 seconds.
Overall dimensions 224h158h100 mm, weight 1.8 kg.
The housing millivoltmilliampermetr M254 - plastic. The moving part of the device attached to the braces.
Reading device - the dial pointer. Scale length 118 mm.