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Ammeter M244 (M-244, M 244).

Ammeter M244 - Multirange laboratory instrument magneto system on extensions, designed to measure current in DC circuits.

Technical features of M244:
- Accuracy class - 0.2;
- Current measurement range: 0 - 10mkA; 0 - 25mkA; 50mkA-0, 0-100uA, 0-250mkA; 500mkA-0, 0-500mkA, 0-1000mkA.
Housing ammeter M244 is made ​​of plastic. The moving part of the device attached to the braces. Ammeter reading device M244 - dial pointer.
M244 are made ​​with the following dimensions:
- Dimensions - 243h195h104mm;
- The weight of the unit without box - 3.0 kg;
- The weight of the device with a case - 4,1 kg.

Specifications M244:
- The length of the scale - 140 mm;
- Settling time - 4c.
The ratio of the maximum permissible error of absolute basic model means and ammeters M244 for each of the scale should be tested not more than 1:5.
Ammeters M244 are available in two types of performance - export and tropic, to comply with TU-25-04-034-66.
Operating conditions M244
Under the terms of mechanical stress during operation ammeter M244 belongs to the ordinary. Operating position of the unit - horizontal, vertical.
The devices are designed for operation at temperatures from +10 ° C to +35 ° C. The relative humidity for optimum performance ammeter should not be more than 80% (at +30 º C).

Photos: M244

M244 ammeter image.
M244 ammeter image.
M244 panel view.
M244 panel view.
M244 side view (terminals, switch).
M244 side view (terminals, switch).
M244 side view.
M244 side view.
M244 side view.
M244 side view.
M244 bottom view.
M244 bottom view.