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Electrical measuring instruments >> analog panel meters >> ammeters and voltmeters >> DC >> size 250x190mm


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    Microammeter M2000.8 (M 2000.8 and M-2000.8; m 2000.8; m 2000.8; m-2000.8)
    Microammeter M2000.8 - pointer instrument designed to measure the DC laboratory equipment physico-chemical analysis.
    Accuracy class of devices - 1.
    The limits of measurement - 0 - 200uA.
    Settling time moving part - 4 sec.
    Operating position of the device - Lean Back 75 º.
    Dimensions - 250×190 mm.
    Microammeter M2000.8 constructively arranged in the body of a thermoset plastic. The moving part of the measuring equipment mounted on extensions.

    Specifications M2000.8
    The minimum probability of failure-free operation of devices M2000.8 for 500 hours of testing at least 0.8 at a confidence level of 0.8.
    In terms of resistance to mechanical impact devices are common.
    M2000.8 Microammeter used at an ambient temperature of 10 ° C to 35 ° C and relative humidity of 80% (at 30 ° C). 

Photos: M2000.8

M2000.8 front view (scale).
M2000.8 front view (scale).
M2000.8 side view (casing depth).
M2000.8 side view (casing depth).
M2000.8 rear view (connection).
M2000.8 rear view (connection).
M2000.8 overhead view.
M2000.8 overhead view.