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Ammeter M1621.1 (M 1621.1, M-1621.1)
Designed for remote measurement of current in the dc network of ship power plants, as well as for work in tough conditions on companies in various industries.
Dimensions - 120h120h166mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters M1621.1:
Available with measuring ranges listed in Table 1.
Your desired measurement range of the instrument ammeter M1621.1 should indicate when ordering.
The devices can be fabricated with a symmetrical scale, with zero mark inside the band.
Table 1
Measuring range
0A-30A, 0A-50A, 0A-75A, 0A-100A, 150A-0s, 0s-200A,-300A 0A, 0A, 500A, 750A-0s
with external shunt 75mV * on an adjustable resistor and R1830, resistive 3.5 Ohms ± 0,02 ohms
0kA-1kA; 0kA-1, 5kA; 0kA-2kA; 0kA-3kA; 0kA-4kA; 0kA-5kA; 0kA-6kA; 0kA-7, 5kA
* - Shunts in not included.
Overall dimensions ammeter M1621.1 - 120h120h166mm;
Degree of protection - IP54;
Acceptance of the device ammeter M1621.1:
- TCI;
- Acceptance of the customer.

Photos: M1621.1

M1621.1 front view (scale).
M1621.1 front view (scale).
M1621.1 side view (casing depth).
M1621.1 side view (casing depth).
M1621.1 rear view (connection).
M1621.1 rear view (connection).