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    Ammeter M1602
    Also, this device may be called: M-1602, M 1602, M-16-02, m1602, m-1602, m 1602.

    Ammeter M1602 - magnetoelectric device system for measuring current with high accuracy in DC current and reverse directions . M1602 can also be used as so-called meters in distance control for measuring various electric sizes are converted into values ​​or DC voltage.
    The principle of the device is based on the interaction of the magnetic field of a permanent magnet and current flowing through the conductor (the winding frame). The movable frame (coil) is moved in a uniform air gap formed by the core and the pole plate.
    The movable part of the device is deflected as a result of the torque which results from the interaction flowing through the current frame with the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet.
    When the device type M1602 high vibration resistance and a high degree of protection from the moving parts of mechanical effects. This is ensured by the fact that the moving part of the cast reinforced braces cage with depreciation springs, and each stretch passes through the sleeve filled with high viscosity silicone fluid.
    The devices have the dial, the case - splash-proof, medium size.

    Specifications M1602 ammeter

    Measurement range: 10A, 20A, 40A, 60A, 100A, 150A, 300A.
    Accuracy class - 1.
    The method included in the circuit - with the external shunt P175 150mV.
    Current full deflection - 5mA ± 0,5%.
    Dimensions - 120x120x114 mm.
    Scale length - 185 mm.
    Angle scale devices - 230 °.
    Weight - 2 kg.
    M1602 ammeters to measure current in three independent circuits with varying polarity are included with the switch type P1825. Devices are connected to the switch P1825 with calibrated connecting wires (0.035 ohm impedance), attached to the instrument. Do not alter the length of the calibrated wires. For connection type switch P1825 to the outer shunt type P175 uses copper wire or cable, whose length in meters is equal to the difference of one end of the resistance R of wires connecting directly with resistance value calibrated connecting wires 0,035 ohms multiplied by the index q-section in square millimeters and detached the resistance of the connecting wires of calibrated 0.035 ohms.
    Resistance line laid between the switch and the device, measured at a temperature of +20 ± 5 ° C, must be equal to R np = 0.035 ohms with a tolerance of ± 0,01 ohms. The largest section of wire that can be connected to terminals via cable lugs - 10 mm 2, the smallest - 1.5 mm 2.

Photos: M1602

M1602 ammeter image.
M1602 ammeter image.
M1602 scheme of inclusion the network.
M1602 scheme of inclusion the network.
M1602 dimensional drawing with dimensions.
M1602 dimensional drawing with dimensions.