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    Ammeter M1600/1
    Also this device can be referred to: M-1600/1 M 1600/1, M1600-1, 1600 M-1, M 1600-1.

Ammeter M1600/1 - instrument magnetoelectric system for measuring current in DC networks at a large distance from the outer to the ammeter shunt.
    The principle of the device is based on the interaction of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and the current passing through a conductor (the winding frame). Movable frame (coil) is moved in a uniform air gap formed by the core and the pole plate. Current flowing through the frame interacts with the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet, thereby creating a torque tending to move the frame along the gap and thereby biasing the movable part.
The devices have a circular scale, body - splash-proof, medium size. Zero on the scale can be to the left or in the middle. M1600 / 1 have two M6 threaded clamp located pa basement.
    In devices of this type of low power consumption. For connection to shunt ammeters are made ​​by means of connecting wires up to 3.5 ohm resistor and a coil fitting type R1830. For connecting wires requires adjustment of resistance, which is produced by unwinding wire coil fitting. Fit of wire resistance ± 0,2 Ohm.

Specifications ammeter M1600 / 1

    Accuracy class 1.5.
    Number of clamps 2.
    Basic reduced error of 1.5%.
    Full-scale deflection current 5mA ± 0,5%.
    Dimensions 120x120x128 mm.
    Scale length 185 mm.
    Angle dials 230 °.
    2 kg weight devices.

    Ranges and measurement methods submitted in the table.

Measuring ranges
Method of incorporating
30A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 500A, 750A, 1000A
With external shunt 75mV and fitting coil type R1830
1 kA, 1.5 kA, 2ka, 3KA, 4ka, 5 kA, 6kA, 7.5 kA

When the device type M1600/1 high vibration and high degree of protection of the movable part of the mechanical effects. This is ensured by the fact that the moving part is reinforced braces on cast cage using depreciation springs, and each stretch passes through the sleeve filled with a liquid of high viscosity silicone.
    Calming vibrations of the moving part is achieved by moving the coils on the frame and the frame and the frame in the magnetic field of the working gap.
    Measuring mechanism M1600/1 is a flat unipolar magnetic system with a fixed yoke on it collected, which, together with the board, the carrier elements of the electrical circuit of the device, mounted on base. Gearshift cast alloy AL2, except the movable part. Instrument cover flange, on which there are four threaded rod, secured with a rubber spacer ring on the base. In general, thus achieving amortization device due to the fact that the device is attached to the panel is not hard, and through the rubber flange.

Photos: M1600/1

M1600/1 front view (scale).
M1600/1 front view (scale).
M1600/1 side view (casing depth).
M1600/1 side view (casing depth).
M1600/1 rear view (connection).
M1600/1 rear view (connection).
M1600/1 scheme of inclusion of the network.
M1600/1 scheme of inclusion of the network.
M1600/1 dimensional drawing with dimensions.
M1600/1 dimensional drawing with dimensions.