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M13 LUMEL voltmeter shield

Also this device can be referred to: M-13, M 13.


M13 LUMEL voltmeter shield with measuring unit magnetoelectric system designed to measure DC voltage in electrical circuits.

Dimensions - 145×70×185 mm.

Accuracy class - 1,5.


Specifications M13 LUMEL:


Operating range - 250 V.

The basic error regarding the final value of the measuring range - 1.5%.

Display type M13 - an arrow.

Scale position - vertical.

Insulation test voltage measuring circuit - 2 kV.

Method of mounting - mounting panel.

Way to incorporate - directly.

Mass M13 LUMEL - 1,0 kg.


In the voltmeter M13 LUMEL arrows torque created by the interaction between the field permanent magnets and a current which passes through the winding frame. Since the frame pointer is connected, which moves along a scale. Rotation angle of the arrow is set at equal torque and torque spring.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity requirements of the existing voltmeters LUMEL M13 technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: M13

M13 LUMEL device image.
M13 LUMEL device image.
M13 LUMEL front view (scale).
M13 LUMEL front view (scale).
M13 LUMEL side view (casing depth).
M13 LUMEL side view (casing depth).
M13 LUMEL rear view (connection).
M13 LUMEL rear view (connection).
M13 LUMEL overhead view.
M13 LUMEL overhead view.