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    Millivoltammeter M1109 (M-1109, M 1109; m1109; m-1109; m 1109)
    Millivoltammeter M1109 - a model instrument, switch, Multirange the movable part from wires-coil system, designed to measure current and voltage in DC circuits.
    Technical features M1109:
    - Accuracy class - 0.2;
    - Current measurement range: 0 to 60 mA;
    - The voltage measurement range: 0 to 2000mV.

    Dimensions of the device M1109:
    - Dimensions - 243 × 195 × 104mm;
    - The weight of the unit without box - 3.0 kg;
    - The weight of the device with a case - 4,1 kg.

    Specifications M1109:
- The length of the scale - 140 mm;
    - Settling time - 4c.

    The ratio of the maximum permissible error of absolute basic model means and millivoltammeter M1109 for each of the scale should be tested not more than 1:5.
    Millivoltammeter M1109 are available in two types of performance - export and tropic, to comply with TU-25-04-831-69.

    Operating conditions of devices M1109
    Under the terms of mechanical stress during operation millivoltammeter M1109 are common. Operating position of the unit - horizontal.
    The devices are designed for operation at temperatures from +10 ° C to +35 ° C. The relative humidity for optimum performance millivoltammeter should be no more than 80% (at +30 ° C). 

Photos M1109

M1109 device image.
M1109 device image.
M1109 front view.
M1109 front view.
M1109 side view.
M1109 side view.