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A set of light filters M-90 + 4 950 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

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technical documentation on set M-90:

M-90 light filter kit passport.


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М-90 light filter kit manual.


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A set of light filters M-90 - set for use as a standard measure of the spectral transmittance coefficient to determine the error opacimeters.


Also this device can be called: M 90, M90.

Nominal values ​​SKNP filters at wavelengths of 560nm and 900nm - 0,5% ± 0,2%; 0,75% ± 0,2%; 0,85 ± 0,1%.
Limits of error in determining the absolute SKNP filters - no more than ± 0,005%.
Overall dimensions:
- Filter - 23h11, 7h4mm;
- Light window - no less than 6mm in diameter.
The weight of one color filter - no more than 20g.
Weight of the set in the bag - no more than 100g.

Set of filters M-90 is intended for use by state metrological control and supervision and repair organizations.
Set M-90 is used to verify opacimeters following types:
- Meters compact smoke exhaust KID-2;
- Smokemeters portable META-01;
- The channel measurement of opacity multicomponent gas analyzers Autotest;
- Meters smoke exhaust META-01 MT.

Structural features of M-90 and function sets

M-90 filters are made of optical grade glass HC-6, HC-7 and HC-8. Each of them is a parallel plate diameter of 9 mm, 1 mm thick. SKNP filter is determined by the value of the brand glass. Filters are glued into the case.
The principle of operation sets the M-90 is based on the attenuation of the light flux passing through the light-absorbing glass filter.
When using a set of filters installed in a special slot optical path smoke meter under test. Further actions are determined by the method of checking smoke meter.
M-90 filters are placed in the case, the device which protects them from sharp impacts and pollution.

Specifications M-90

The range and accuracy of measurements SKNP set of M-90 correspond to GOST 8.557-2007 "State verification schedule for SI spectral, integrated and reduced transmittance and absorbance in the wavelength range of 0.2 um - 50 um, diffuse and specular reflections in the wavelength range 0 , 2mkm - 20 pm. "
The service life of a set of filters is at least 10 years of age. Set of filters M-90 operated at an ambient temperature of 15 ° C to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.

Photos: М-90

М-90 image of a set of light filters.
М-90 image of a set of light filters.
М-90 set of light filters approval certificate type MI, Russia.
М-90 set of light filters approval certificate type MI, Russia.